New to Lunds Nation

Congratulations on your admission!

Lund’s best community

Become part of Lund’s most wonderful community! With us, you are welcome just as you are, and we almost dare to promise that you will find friends for life. We are even more confident that you will have a lot of fun in the meantime.

Something for everyone

Regardless if you like partying, enjoying the company of your friends over a nice dinner, or participating in sporting events, Lunds Nation has something for you.

The most accommodations of any nation

We are the nation with the most accommodations in Lund, and all our three residential buildings are centrally located.

New to Lund? Do not miss our novice lottery.

Step by step

To register is super easy. If you want to switch to us from another nation, skip the first step. Otherwise, just follow the steps below.


Register in Studentlund

Before you can join a nation, you first need to register via Studentlund. To register, you need your admission letter and personal identity number.


Sign up physically or digitally

After registering at Studentlund, it is time to register at Lunds Nation. You can do this either physically or digitally.

▸ Physical registration

Visit us at Lunds Nation, Agardhsgatan 1, mon-fri 11-13, and we will help you!

▸ Digital registration

Email and we will help you!


Download the app STUK

You will find your digital student card in the app. If you want a physical student card, you register it at enrollment or by logging in to


Take part in Lund's fantastic student life

Once you are registered at Lund Nation, your student life can really begin. With a membership with us, you can take part in all activities within Studentlund, and not just those that Lund Nation has to offer.

But most important of all: have fun, and welcome to Lund Nation!

The Novice Week

– for those who want to get to know nation life and make friends and memories for life

The Novice Week is a fast paced week filled with fun activities. The week starts once per semester and all activities take place in the afternoon and evening.


Always open

We make sure that everyone feels welcome – always. In addition to having perhaps the widest range of activities, we are the only nation to have activities every day.

Whether you want to escape from exam anxiety, get out and move around, are hungry or just want a really fun evening, our doors are always ajar.